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*note to visitors, what you see is me. I don’t try and pull wool down over your eyes, no fancy sales pitches, no ‘pain points’ prodded at. I want you to feel comfortable in this space I have created here and in the other spaces you can find me online. I am here to help you grow and live in harmony with yourself. Much love on your journey xoxo


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Looking for my unique selling proposition, narrowing my initial target market and clarifying how to entitle the working relationship has helped me to feel more confident that I can really make this happen!

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Finding and forging your own path does not mean burning bridges and leaving everything behind. It means finding ways to be happy and be you while existing and operating in the real world.


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Map Your Book : Idea to First Draft in 4 weeks

One session per week for four weeks to get your idea out of your head and ready to write.

Includes feedback on ideas, topics, and initial topic notes PLUS advice on research and what to do next.

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