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let's find it

Look down at your feet, right now. What path are you walking?

No really, imagine this with me for a minute. We’re all on some path in life…which one are you on?

  • A winding, well-beaten path through the woods with scenery and a Tolkein reference
  • A smooth, ultra-modern highway with clear signage and big buildings on all sides
  • A brand-new path because you’re the one forging it, one step at a time
  • Or, do you wish you would just choose one, but you can’t make up your mind?

But more importantly:

Is it your path, or someone else’s?

Hi there, I’m Sharon. You could say I’m a pathfinder for lost entrepreneurs. If that’s you, whatever path you’re on right now – it’s led you to the right place.

Today you are exactly where you’re supposed to be.

If you choose me to help you, together we’ll get you on the right path toward the tomorrow you’re dreaming of. Book a chat now. 


inspired strategy

Be inspired, find YOUR path, create your strategy.

Create inspired strategy and take inspired action so that you can plan and live the life and business of your dreams

Sharon Is Amazing!

When I started coaching with Sharon, I knew what I wanted to do but I had no idea how I was going to get there, and no confidence that I could really be myself in business and make an impact. Thanks to Sharon's encouragement, great suggestions, and practical, doable advice, I came away much more motivated, and confident in myself and my business. Sharon is insightful, smart, easy to talk to, and genuinely cares so much about her clients. Working with her was amazing - if you want to get unstuck and move forward in your business, go hire her!

Tris Moon

Your Weird is Wonderful

Is this YOU?

You are fed up of being the drone, making money for someone else’s pocket, so you decided to start your own business.


Your business is not only there to support you and your family to live the life of your dreams, you want to use your knowledge, expertise, profit to expand your horizons and benefit others.

You understand there is more to life than live, work, die. You know that you are in this universe to not only have fun, laughter, & adventures for yourself but also to share all that with others and enable them to make their own lives better. You understand that is not only the big huge movements that can make a difference but also the small shifts that ripple outwards.

You love learning about yourself, your mind, your reactions, and awareness and you are continually wanting to develop into your best self. You know this is not undertaken lightly and you understand that it requires continuous effort to evolve and strive to be better tomorrow than you are today.

You are open to new ideas, knowledge, and experiences and are also willing to share these with others so that they too can benefit.


I am the catalyst.

I energise you to not only create more ideas and goals but also advise you on how you can bring them into reality.

I see your business from a fresh perspective, imagine new and different paths you could consider, help you create strategies to focus and streamline your efforts.

I have the technical knowledge to assist you in creating the right online identity so that you and your business can flourish.

I help you learn how to create the right community to spread the word about the ways you help others.

You are developing & growing a viable business to support yourself and your dreams alongside creating the ripples and community which will underpin all you do to help and benefit others.

*note to visitors, what you see is me. I don’t try and pull wool down over your eyes, no fancy sales pitches, no ‘pain points’ prodded at. I want you to feel comfortable in this space I have created here and in the other spaces you can find me online. I am here to help you grow and live in harmony with yourself. Much love on your journey xoxo

Life is not a narrow path, but a sprawling landscape waiting to be discovered

Done is Better Than Perfect

next time you’re procrastinating over your next brave action remember done is better than perfect and get off thine bum and do something awesome. 

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Confidence is a Muscle

Confidence is a muscle, keep using it and it’ll get bigger and stronger and pretty soon you won’t remember what life was like without it

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Do You Need a Doodad?

you invest in people like mentors and coaches, not for the doodad and thingumajig, but for the tools and skills to help yourself. 

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Need a confidence boost?

There's times when you need to hitch a lift, there's times when the galaxy just isn't guiding you in the right direction, there's times when all you need is the answer (yes I know the ultimate answer is 42 but there are many other questions).

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*Hoopy is defined as "a really together guy." A frood is defined as "a really amazingly together guy."

become a hoopy frood

Your relaxed, easy manner, precision and creativity, and long range perspective are so valuable!

Kimberly Saavedra

I really enjoyed the unstructured nature of our conversations because it let me say what was going on, which made the coaching very 'real'.

Lesley Aitcheson

Sharon has been instrumental in helping me shape my business. With practical advice and guidance as well as being a listening ear to help me take things further. As a creative herself she understands that it goes beyond spreadsheets and stats!


Little and Fierce

Looking for my unique selling proposition, narrowing my initial target market and clarifying how to entitle the working relationship has helped me to feel more confident that I can really make this happen!

Susan M. Smith