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*note to visitors, what you see is me. I don’t try and pull wool down over your eyes, no fancy sales pitches, no ‘pain points’ prodded at. I want you to feel comfortable in this space I have created here and in the other spaces you can find me online. I am here to help you grow and live in harmony with yourself. Much love on your journey xoxo


Your vision is that castle on the hill lit by golden sunshine. However, you feel your path could be hindered by dangers untold, deep mires of mud, the twin goblins Fear and Doubt lurking in dank, dark caves.

I know of another way, one of twittering birds and woffle-nosed bunnies … OK maybe not birds and bunnies. But I have coffee and cake, a friendly ear to listen, and ideas and experience to share.

You have a dream, a vision, something more that just a business. Yet you are keeping it safe inside your soul because whenever you get close to letting the words free you falter, stay silent. Why?


Fear of ridicule, fear of failing in your stated desires and ambitions, fear of being misunderstood.

There are many disguises but underneath each one is the fear.

Your path is out there, waiting, anticipating the joy of work and success to come. Bring me your dreams and find a safe space to explore your paths and find the right one for you.

Book a half hour chat and tell me all about your path and what help you need to forge it.

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Finding and forging your own path does not mean burning bridges and leaving everything behind. It means finding ways to be happy and be you while existing and operating in the real world.


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