a confidential and results orientated mentoring service

Is your small business suffering from a morale leakage? Is there a disconnect between management and workers?

I offer a confidential and results orientated mentoring service to SMEs and internal teams of up to 20 employees with ideas which you will be able to implement quickly and a follow up service to ensure everything is kept on track.


Effective change management can enhance employee engagement, even during times of uncertainty. Nearly eight in 10 employees (77%) are engaged when workers strongly agree there is open communication, opportunities to provide input, a clear connection between current changes and the company’s future, and management support for changes that affect their workgroup. When employees strongly disagree, a mere 1% are engaged.



Safe Harbour

Even if there is nothing inherently ‘wrong’ with your business and your management and workers appear to communicate effectively, there will always be concerns that need to be addressed and often these can be resolved by having a mentor to discuss them with, a mentor not involved with the company itself.

Morale Boost

Through one-to-one or group meetings I discover what is truly concerning your staff and management and help them see the alternatives in order to be happier in their work.

Facilitate Understanding

After talking with your employees I will have a clearer understanding of the concerns of both management and employees and be able to communicate them effectively without confrontation.

Assist With Changes

Whether you’re about to, are undergoing, or have undergone changes within your business structure you will find that your employees may often be scared and unsure about the results of the change and what it means to them. I help them be open about their worries and communicate problems and resolutions between yourself and your staff.

This isn’t counselling, there isn’t any woo-hoo involved, this is pure conversation and understanding in order to bridge any gaps between management and staff.


All conversations with your employees are confidential and all reports will have the information anonymised. This ensures that everyone feels safe to speak freely and share their concerns.


What to do next? You’ll receive a written report outlining any current concerns plus actionable ideas which you can implement quickly in order to see a speedy return on your investment.


Around a month later I will return to your company to ensure everything is running smoothly, check that suggested implementations are being carried out, and that no further concerns have arisen.


You receive a customised service, not a cookie-cutter approach. I understand that all businesses have different needs and take time to understand them before we begin our working relationship.

Millennials want to understand how they fit in with their jobs, teams and companies. They look for work that fuels their sense of purpose and makes them feel important. Seventy-one percent of millennials who strongly agree that they know what their organization stands for and what makes it different from its competitors say they plan to be with their company for at least one year.


Why Me?

I have worked in a corporate environment and for small businesses in the local area, good and bad, so I understand the interaction between management and worker is not always conducive to a happy and productive work environment. There’s misunderstandings of needs and necessities that often do not get communicated effectively which causes problems, and problems often lead to less productivity and more resentment. 

  • I view your company from the outside with no internal preconceptions.
  • I have no agenda other than to improve morale and make your business more effective.
  • I can see the overall picture and discover where there is room for development.

Through my ‘regular working life’ experience plus the learning I have gained running my own business and then all the knowledge from the self-development work I have accomplished I am in a unique position to offer you mentoring and advice which will enable you to see more clearly how you, your management, and your staff can work together rather than against each other.

Why You?

You’re a business that’s running OK but you feel that there is a lack of communication and understanding between management and workers. The environment lacks cohesiveness and cooperation. Nobody is quite happy with their current situation.

  • Perhaps you’ve undergone change recently and business isn’t running quite so well.
  • Perhaps you’re about to undergo changes and your staff are concerned.
  • Perhaps management and workers seem to have different agendas and you can’t get them to mesh.

It’s often hard to be objective with your own business, you’re struggling to see quite where the problem lies and how you would be able to solve it.

Alternatively, you’re the type of boss who wants their employees to be happy and you understand that having an outside person to talk with will help improve morale and so improve productivity. Everyone has concerns but sometimes feel unable to voice them within the business. Therefore you need a safe person for them to discuss their problems with and discover ways to effect change and remove their concerns.

Your investment for all this could be as little as the cost of taking all your employees out for a slap up meal in a posh restaurant. And while your employees might appreciate good food and alcohol in the short term, in the long term they would much more appreciate feeling valued all year round (and so would your bottom line).

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