confidence is a muscleI’m on a mission. A mission to get healthier and fitter and stronger. I’m at a ‘certain age’ where taking care of my health and body, strengthening my muscles and bones, becomes quite important – not that it isn’t important at any age but it’s getting imperative to do so if I want a healthy and active old age.

To achieve this I am hitting the gym and lifting weights, there’s cardio in there but it’s mainly weights and resistance work.

When you start out you don’t go to the barbell with the biggest weights and try lifting it. You know that’d be more than a little silly and probably lead to injury. You start with the smaller weights and you build it up. I’ve been going to the gym regularly for the last three months or so and have noticed that I am gradually increasing the weights I use, that each workout I push a little further and become a little stronger. My muscles are increasing efficiency and strength each time I hit the gym. Each movement that felt a little awkward to begin with is now smoother and my body seems to set itself in the right position more readily and easily.

And confidence is like a muscle. You can’t expect to be all the swagger and loud confidence on your first day in work (OK some people can but they won’t be reading this) you walk in, a little unsure of yourself, not knowing where anything is or who people are. Yet slowly you gain little pieces of knowledge, feedback that you know what you are doing, The more you wander the corridors the surer you are of where you are and where you’re going. The more you speak to fellow workers you learn and remember their names, know what to say.

Confidence is a muscle that needs to be used, and pushed, in order to become its most effective self.

Start small, do something you *know* you can do to give you that boost, that “yes I CAN” knowledge. Then go do something a little more difficult (no, don’t leap for the 50kg weight, try a 10kg one first to see how that feels). Practise daily building that confidence muscle and before you know it you’ll be bench-pressing 50kg and feeling awesome.

To help you practise I put together a Practise Confidence pdf. This is totally free to download, no opt-in or anything. I simply want to gift you something that will help make building that confidence muscle a little easier.

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