Hey there entrepreneur, you can either complete the form below to contact me or use the information below. 

email : hello@path42.ninja

I try to answer emails the same day whenever possible. I do aim to answer within 24 (working) hours.

mobile : 07764485855

I am a solo freelancer, therefore if I don’t answer please leave a voicemail, text me or (better still) email me with your query. I prefer to discuss things via email as it gives us both a written record of what has been said. If you absolutely have to talk to me on the phone then please use the contact form to schedule a mutually convenient time within my working hours.

Working Hours

My official working hours are between 11am – 4pm Monday to Thursday, this is when I work ‘IN’ my business; answer emails and get the bulk of my client work done for instance.

Beyond those hours I am working ‘ON’ my business so generally do not talk with clients unless by prior arrangement.

*want to know the difference between working ‘IN’ your business and ‘ON your business? Use the information above to contact me and find out. 


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