do you need a doodadWhat’s a doodad?? You know, a thingumajig, a whatsisname, in plain English – something physical (ish) your clients can walk away with.

Mentoring a client the other day and we got to discussing the online course she is putting together. One thing that kinda worries her is that at the end of the course you don’t walk away with ‘something’. As in something tangible – like a 90 day marketing plan, or an online course laid out and ready to go, or a portfolio of photographs … you catch my drift.

This got me thinking, because often when clients talk with me they do not walk away with anything physically tangible. There’s no doodad. And yet there is value in what I do, and also what my client offers. So here’s some thoughts for those who may ask the question “where’s my doodad?”.

When you visit a personal trainer you don’t walk away with anything, maybe a workout plan, however more often than not this is simply a list of tools for you to use in the future as you will – the more you put into using those tools the more you’ll get out. Similarly, visiting a therapist gives you the opportunity to talk and be listened to and be given different perspectives and (again) tools to help you improve, yet that too is quite dependent on you using those tools.

And that’s the same for many mentors, coaches, whatever name you want to give people of that ilk. You receive the tools you need to make your life and business better. Not a doodad. Those tools are important, those skills are with you for the lifetime you choose them to be, they are there every single day for you.

Use them wisely and well and often and you will see the benefit.

This is why you invest in people like this, not for the doodad and thingumajig, but for the tools and skills to help yourself.

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