I was asked yesterday how I quantify what I do for clients, really I was being asked to put a hard figure on it but, while the bottom line is always important because you can’t have a business with no plans to generate income (that’s just a hobby), what I do is be your catalyst for action. And action will end up generating income.

For instance, I had an hour session with Michelle who was procrastinating a little over launching The SpeakEasy Cooperative however after an hour of geeky chat as well as lots of advice and encouragement she did “get off thine bum” and launch. And from there has built on that action and created success for herself – “members joined immediately”.

You can read the rest of Michelle’s blog here.

So next time you’re procrastinating over your next brave action remember done is better than perfect and get off thine bum and do something awesome.


Be your catalyst for change

There's times when you need to hitch a lift, there's times when the galaxy just isn't guiding you in the right direction, there's times when all you need is the answer (yes I know the ultimate answer is 42 but there are many other questions).

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