Balance and self care

Took me a long time to realise the importance of balance, I’m still learning. I know I am a little unbalanced at the moment while I create my dream life however I also know it will change and I make sure it does not have a huge negative impact on my life and well-being.

I am setting boundaries, ones of time, space, and ethics

Self care & happiness through journaling and meditation, occasionally slaying a few goblins on the PS3. Other things that bring light and joy to my life.

I’ve learned that taking the self-care is sooo important and self-care is not selfish is one of the best things I was ever told.

Connect with me to discover ways to bring balance to your life and business.


Accept Your Now

Read Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now

We’re often so intent on where we want to go that we forget to enjoy who and where and what we are now. I am on a journey to fitness and weightloss, it’s a long road that’s ahead of me and I could be despairing of my NOW because it’s not where I want to be. Yet why waste all that energy on worry and sadness and feelings of failure?

Yes I put on weight while I was ill.

Yes I have gotten totally unfit.

Yes half my clothes don’t fit me.

There are myriad reasons why I could be berating myself, yet I am not. I am loving who I am now. I am enjoying the knowledge that I am feeling better. I am exhilarating in the challenge of returning to the gym for the first time in 18 months.

Use your energy to accept who you are right at this moment. To hate yourself as you are is such a negative energy and it will hold you back. Yes, want to change, want to improve, want to do and be better. But love and accept yourself now.

Do You Want It Badly Enough?

If it’s not happening then you mustn’t want it badly enough

How often have you heard those words? How often has they made you feel like a crap failure?

We are told that mindset, affirmations, and all those other chores need to be done. We are lectured on the hustle of business, the methods which have to be followed in order to get where we want to be.

Yet sometimes it isn’t all those things, it isn’t a lack of wanting. It’s a lack of practicalities. 

Tweaking the who, why, where. Investigating the methods. Making sure you are working to your strengths producing what your customers need. Looking at your process to make sure it’s the right one.

There’s many reasons your dream isn’t happening. Not wanting it badly enough is only a part of the problem (and sometimes isn’t even the problem at all).

Everything You Do

Everything you do – is it a burden or a joy?

If it’s a burden then consider whether it’s simply a burden that life gives you to carry – because we cannot always expect to be in joy.

Or is it something we can work at making lighter or even allow ourselves to let go.

Lighten your burden. Live more in joy.

Are You Creating Your Own Chains?

Man is born free and everywhere is in chains – Rousseau

We create our own chains, some are good however often they are totally wrong for us.

There are the chains of morals and ethics which society creates and which allow us to live in our communities. And then there are the chains of ‘must’.

Everyone is always telling you the things you must do to be successful, fit, healthy, rich, powerful, spiritual, loving …There are countless articles on Top Five Ways to Enlightenment or Five Ways to Hack Your Productivity (hell I’ve even written articles like that myself) yet we should not take these as gospel. We should not feel that because an ‘authority’ says we must then we absolutely must.

Acknowledge and adapt.

Adapt what you learn to suit you. The chains are the guilt we feel when we don’t do XYZ exactly as we are told. The chain is the failure we feel when we don’t achieve ABC when we have been doing XYZ religiously.

Perhaps XYZ isn’t right for you, perhaps XZY might be better, or even leave out the Z entirely and simply do YX. Acknowledge that the ‘authority’ knows, however the ‘authority’ is not YOU. They are not your quirks and feelings, and ideas, and thoughts, and personality – and all these things need to be taken into consideration when you are creating your own freedom.

Create your own chains if you must, but make sure they fit you and your plans not someone else’s.


Create inspired strategy. 

We all need a plan for our lives, a way to live to the best of our abilities (and beyond), yet often we are stuck in following other people’s plans, or following the ‘safe’ path and then having that niggling feeling that there’s something more if we could only find it, reach it. This is where inspired strategy comes in.

What is inspired strategy?

  • It is where you create the path YOU know will benefit YOU.
  • It’s where you break the boundaries you and others have created.
  • It’s a way of thinking differently.

How do I create inspired strategy?

  • By taking a different approach to the problem.
  • By seeing the problem as a solution in disguise.
  • By thinking for yourself, about your needs.

What works for others may not work for you if you follow their exact path. Learn to think critically, adapt your learning to suit you. Other people may have the basic solution but how you work it depends entirely on YOU.

Create the vision of your goal and see the paths you could take to get there. Which one feels good? Which one feels right? Which one feels you?

Unsure of your next step? Wondering what inspired action you can take? Book a session and discover your inspiration.


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