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Reality is?

… real is simply, electrical signals interpreted by your brain : Morpheus, The Matrix

What if we can change the way our brain interprets those signals? Which is basically what Neo does within the Matrix. The reality we see around is our PERCEPTION of reality. What we see as the colour blue is our own perception of what the colour blue is, others could see it entirely differently.

Therefore our reality is only OUR reality, not THE reality so therefore doesn’t it follow that if we change how we see our reality then we can change it.

Where we see a problem others could be seeing opportunities, possibilities, solutions. Wouldn’t it be great if we could see things that way too?

It is a choice, YOUR choice. How do you choose to see things?

What can I do for you?

I met with a prospective client the other day, we ended up having a long chat over coffee. Their needs were two strands which each affected the other yet seemed to be totally separate on the face of it.

The first need was to get some business skills, assistance getting going, what to do with a website and social media and all the other myriad nuts and bolts of having a business to get off the ground.

The second was the reason they’d been recommended to me specifically – as with so many creative-types they had a total *back off that’s icky* mindset to selling their skills, to asking for money in exchange for their talent.

There was also the underlying idea (and total misconception) that talent is supposed to be gifted to the world. This not only comes from creatives themselves because they love what they do and would do it no matter what., it is also the consumer’s really huge misconception about creatives and their talents, such as –

it’s so easy for you to do that

you have a talent so you should share it

There’s a Twitter account @forexposure_txt which documents all the crazy and often insulting demands and responses creatives get when they ask for money in exchange for their art.

So, we are going to spend the next month and beyond not only discussing best business practices and strategies but also ways to get beyond the *selling is icky* and *I have a gift I should share freely* mindset. I have a whole repertoire of resources for both of these problems and I can’t wait to see the results.

Your talent is worth getting paid for, and by being paid you can share your talent further. 

Who are you when you’re alone?

No matter who you are at some point you are a different person in front of different people. There is an act, a mask which you put on either deliberately or subconsciously when you are around others.

Take a moment and think about who you are when you are alone, when there is nobody around to laugh or judge, when there is no-one to impress or appease.

Why not be that person a little more, it must be tiring to *pretend* so much so give yourself a break and be YOU. Unashamed, unafraid, uncompromisingly you.

Let Me Count the Ways

Roger was counting the ways he loved Jessica, but how many ways can you love YOU, show yourself some compassion? Here’s a few suggestions to start you off.

  1. Stop and breathe for a minute, listen to your breath, be still in the moment
  2. Remember that you control your reactions to any situation
  3. Take a walk in the fresh air
  4. Enjoy a favourite beverage with no distractions
  5. Get a good night of sleep

What other ways can you show yourself self-compassion today and every day?



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