Learning about your SELF, your PASSION, and your PURPOSE helps you grow your LIFE and BUSINESS in amazingly awesome ways


KNOW all about

your strengths, your weaknesses, values, personality, passions, distractions

your vision, dreams, goals, ideas, path

your business, manifesto, plans, ethics


EMPOWER you to

take the actions you need to move forward in your life and business

understand what self-development, rituals, habits, beliefs you need

use social media, website, alignment, community, marketing to get clients

BE the one who

follows the right path for you

lives the dreams you’ve envisioned

continues to grow and develop and be awesome



Sharon Is Amazing!

When I started coaching with Sharon, I knew what I wanted to do but I had no idea how I was going to get there, and no confidence that I could really be myself in business and make an impact. Thanks to Sharon's encouragement, great suggestions, and practical, doable advice, I came away much more motivated, and confident in myself and my business. Sharon is insightful, smart, easy to talk to, and genuinely cares so much about her clients. Working with her was amazing - if you want to get unstuck and move forward in your business, go hire her!

Tris Moon

Your Weird is Wonderful

Next Step Strategy Session

A full hour concentrating on what your next amazing step should be and creating an awesome strategy to get there. Includes follow up emails and a cunning plan mapped out for you.

Don’t be sat puzzling over what you should do next, book this strategy session and get moving.


More to Life Challenge

Feel awesome doing what you love

I see you, dimming your light in a world that needs every flame available to shine as brightly as possible. You think you can’t share your talent. You think your talent isn’t worth sharing?

You are mistaken. You are being fooled by your self.

Your talent deserves to be shared. Your talent deserves to be seen. Your talent deserves to be paid for.

There’s so much more to life …

...it’s important to reach out to others so they can take a hard look at your business. Sharon Jackson did that for me, and she was able to uncover a few things I wasn’t doing. These things were instantly obvious to her...but not to me. Sharon gave me a list of things I’m starting to implement right now-things that will help my business grow. Sharon Jackson knows her stuff!

Joel Libava

The Franchise King

Bonus : you get my biz skills and experience too

website woohoo

With over eight years of experience as a web designer I can help you create a website you are proud to show off; whether we're starting from scratch or tweaking what you've got we can make YOUR website wave its pom poms and cheerlead for your business.


social media sass

Your social media ain't just about broadcasting baby, it's about making connections, starting conversations, and building relationships. Let's get you doing that in harmony with your brand and personality.

notable newsletters

Your newsletters need to pique interest, encourage people to open (and read!), look as fabulous as your website and social media - and work to bring in business. With my help they will become a 'must-read'.

cosy communities

Communities, tribes, groups, partners-in-crime, whatever you decide to call them you need to find those that help you grow - and then create your own to help others grow.  After all, paying it forward is the best isn't it?