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Our minds, the final frontier. I am on a lifetime mission to explore new paths and new ways of thinking. To boldly go where I have never gone before.

Be the catalyst for change.

Writer, mentor, catalyst, dreamer

These are the words I use to describe myself. But you want to know about my experience, what qualifies me to help you. 

Writer : I have been writing since a child and studied Creative Writing up to degree level. I write for pleasure and to tell my own story and other people's. 

Mentor : I have volunteered as a mentor since 2001 - in schools, for local entrepreneurs, in partnership with Virgin Start Up, and currently as a Career Mentor at Lancaster University. I started Path 42 out of a realisation that, while web design was great, mentoring was my passion and purpose. 

Catalyst : Cambridge English Dictionary defines as catalyst as "a condition, event, or person that is the cause of an important change". This is what I do for the people I work with. 

Dreamer : I'm an INFP Idealist, I dream of creating a better world, one ripple at a time. 

Life is not a narrow path, but a sprawling landscape waiting to be discovered

Here’s one of my philosophies.

you cannot control what others think, do, or say, only your reaction to it

I can never remember where I first heard this, yet it has brought so much peace into my life and changed how I think about things and what choices I make – for everything is a choice.

Here’s another thought.

I’m not for ‘easy’ as in lazy, I’m for ‘easy’ as in finding the ways to get things done with integrity.

I’m all for being the stream that gets around the obstacles rather than wearing my way through them. Seeing the possibilities and not the problems; which comes down to mindset, especially creating a growth mindset.

Want to feel joy in your daily life, always be seeing the possibilities and opportunities, living your life the way that is the best for you, the way that makes your heart sing and your life feel easy like a Sunday morning? Book a chat now. Don’t wait, don’t think “maybe tomorrow”, don’t think you’re not ready … you are totally ready to level up your whole life and I am the catalyst to help you.


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