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How often do you ask yourself this?

How do you feel when you ask … does it open a yearning for something more, something beyond what you know? 

It does for me.

It opens me to seeing where I can make a difference, not only in my own life but in that of others. To understanding that we are here for a purpose and that it isn’t to make money and buy *things* but to build a useful and happy life which includes helping others to realise their potential. That’s not to say making money is somehow a lesser goal, but that making money is not our sole purpose.

So here we are, and this is what I am building.

Do we really take good care of ourselves? Our body and our minds need care and attention and all the love we can give them.

Taking care of others, helping them to achieve their possibilities, is an awesome way to live our lives and create a better world.

Life is not a narrow path, but a sprawling landscape waiting to be discovered

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42 thoughts

42 Thoughts

42 thoughts on ways to live and be which will make your life and those around you enriched and happy.

beyond 42

Beyond 42

A mastermind think tank to solve problems facing entrepreneurs both internally and externally.

join in the smiles

Let’s get together, make our corners of the ‘verse smile, and spread the ripple effect to make everyone’s life better. Drop me a line and let’s chat.