Who am I?

I am a wordsmith, a writer, an translator of tales.

I have been writing since I was a child, for me back then the only thing better than writing was to read. I continued that escape as an adult, took Creative Writing at university, joined writing groups to hone my abilities, wrote for pleasure and for business.

These skills are now offered to you so that you can share your wondrous experiences and knowledge in written form.

Take the stress out of writing your story

You have stories to tell, experiences to share, and you do this so well verbally. Yet try to write the words, put pen to paper or finger to keyboard, and suddenly the flow is lost.

How can you get your words out to those who need to hear? 

Tell me your stories, let the sentences flow from your tongue so that I can translate them to pixels on a screen for you to share wherever you wish.

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Get your book out of your head

You’ve got that book idea in your head – it ain’t gonna get read from there is it frood? Give me four weeks and let’s get that idea out of your head and on paper as at least a first draft.

Two Zoom sessions over four weeks – one at the start and the second when you need it – to get your idea out of your head and ready to write that draft (does include homework)

You get feedback on ideas, topics, and initial topic notes PLUS advice on research and what to do next from a degree level writer with 10+yrs formal experience and a lifetime of practising.

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My own words

Why Evolve?

Why evolve? For without evolution we stagnate and die out. Our lives are not meant for standing still.

Doves and Bullets

A place for fiction and musings.

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Guest Posts

I occasionally do guest posts for various publications, I’ll add my favourites here.

Lonely No More : 4 freelancer network tips for stay-at-home professionals (Nation 1099)

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