Confession : I love stationery, despite my geeky side and love of all things tech when it comes to planning and writing and dreaming I am a paper and pen girl at heart. Pretty A5 notebooks (although I am particular about line spacing) and coloured pens to differentiate topics and new days.

Currently I am loving Uniball-eye (fine) pens in ‘tropical’ colours. Light blue, lime green, orange, purple, pink.

For my diary/planning I have been using a filofax. I was fortunate to be able to acquire an A5 Finsbury in raspberry a few years ago and have been using the business day-to-a-page inserts ever since. I have had flirtations with other systems but they were either too fussy or too constricting, or both and I adore all the pockets and stuff in my filofax.

However, this year when I went looking for my day-to-a-page refill I found the perfect planner insert for me.

filofax weekly planner

I was dead excited to find this, it suits my planning style better than the day to a page because I plan weekly and do tasks when the time is right mentally and physically – often I was transferring tasks from day to day because I was ill or something came up. This layout allows me flexibility and accountability. I’m more a ‘big picture’ gal than a ‘minute detail’ one. Plus, I plan all my timed appointments in Google so I don’t need loads of space for each day.

This layout has plenty of space for me to add tasks, notes, and reminders.

Of course, when you order a refill for your filofax you get more than the diary bit (I must confess I’d forgotten this) so when it arrived I realised that I also have monthly planner inserts and a yearly planner sheet. Hmmmm, now how could I use these?

The yearly planner has now become my writing planner. Blogging and writing is going to take up a wonderful chunk of my time in 2018 so this is great for planning topics and reminding me what to publish and when in an overall ‘big picture plan’.

filofax planner year 2018

Awesomesauce. So the next thing was to decide what to do with the monthly project plan inserts. One side has space for notes and different projects which is great. The other side … well, it took me a while to think how to use it but then the lightbulb went off. I could use it to track my time, make sure I am keeping myself on track, see the ‘problem’ areas. Each day I can mark off what I did in each hour (reminder to self : make a key of symbols to use) and see where I am most productive and where social media sucks me into its depths.

filofax planner daily 2018

I also treated myself to some lined inserts so that I will always have spare paper for making notes. The only insert I have to decide how to use is the project plan, but I have a germ of an idea to use it to track habits like drinking water and exercising etc. Project Me if you will ­čÖé

So this is my planner all sorted for 2018 – how do you plan your year?

A5 Finsbury Filofax in raspberry


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