Gratitude and Attitude

For the last few years I've been on a self-development journey, however recently I've come to realise that, while development is good, understanding my self and being happy & accepting of where and who I am now is more important. We often struggle with where and...

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Don’t try going forward in reverse

If you're a little like me, and I've noticed there's a few of us out there, you will be fed up with the way business is being conducted at the moment - all hustle and pain points and persuasion and even shaming (yucky I know) - all to make the sale. It's all too easy...

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What is your passion?

It doesn't have to be one thing, it doesn't have to be the thing that makes you money, but to have a passion I feel is so important. Something that lights you up, that brings peace and joy to your life, that fires your spirit, that you smile when you think about it. A...

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42 Thoughts : be of service to others

Not in a ‘give everything you have without thought for yourself’ kind of way because that would be irresponsible, and not in a servile ‘I am beneath you’ kind of way either. Definition : be of service - be available to assist someone I want you to feel that every day...

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Get Up and Get On

We all have those days, the "what's the point?" days, the mornings when staying huddled under the duvet seems a good life choice. You know what, sometimes it is. BUT... Most often it isn't, it's simply fear whispering to us that we're worthless (we're not), and that...

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Is it that time?

You've come so far, you've created a business from thin air, you've worked and struggled and now you're kinda stuck. It's not that you don't quite know what you need to do next. It's not that you haven't got the drive and determination. It's just that you're ......

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Frack Perfect & No More BS

This has been building for some time ... I am not perfect, I have never considered myself to be perfect, so why do I demand perfection from what I do when it's bloody impossible. In fact, apart from Mary Poppins (who was only 'practically perfect' anyways) we should...

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Do You Feel Trapped?

We become so immersed in our own sorrows and limitations that we often are unaware that we are trapped inside them and definitely unaware that we can expand our walls even if we cannot break them down entirely. We are as blinkered horses, unable to see anything but...

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42 Thoughts : Be the Heroine

I am in the process of writing a book based on my 42 Thoughts for ways to live your life. Coincidentally, on International Women's Day, this was the next chapter to write.  Being the heroine means taking responsibility Being the heroine means taking risks Being the...

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Fracking Perfect

Frack : an abbreviation of fracturing (to break) | the 'fuck' alternative used in Battlestar Galactica so they didn't have to bleep out words all the time. Let's break perfect and tell it to 'frack off'. Today I learned that you can get backdrops which show a pretty...

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I can do maths

Twenty-something Sharon would be appalled and amazed and in total disbelief at what I have achieved and who I have become. Thirty-something Sharon would be totally awed by how much I have changed and be celebrating the fact I did take those first steps....

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Communication Channels Open

We communicate in various ways all the time without even consciously being aware of it. Through our facial expressions, body language, as well as speech. This is often why social media use can be fraught with difficulties when you don't get the additional signals to...

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