New Online Course (FREE)

Hey there, I've just put the finishing touches to a short but jam-packed email course which helps you maximise the reach of your blog posts by repurposing your content into different formats to share everywhere and reach more people. You can sign up for it here. Can't...

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Reality is?

... real is simply, electrical signals interpreted by your brain : Morpheus, The Matrix What if we can change the way our brain interprets those signals? Which is basically what Neo does within the Matrix. The reality we see around is our PERCEPTION of reality. What...

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What can I do for you?

I met with a prospective client the other day, we ended up having a long chat over coffee. Their needs were two strands which each affected the other yet seemed to be totally separate on the face of it. The first need was to get some business skills, assistance...

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Who are you when you’re alone?

No matter who you are at some point you are a different person in front of different people. There is an act, a mask which you put on either deliberately or subconsciously when you are around others. Take a moment and think about who you are when you are alone, when...

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More To Life Podcast – Launched!

Over the coming weeks I will be uploading interviews with awesome creatives who have shared with me their own thoughts on 'more to life'. This introductory episode gives you my own ideas, thoughts, and feelings. You can listen to it here on Soundcloud. If you'd like...

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Let Me Count the Ways

Roger was counting the ways he loved Jessica, but how many ways can you love YOU, show yourself some compassion? Here's a few suggestions to start you off. Stop and breathe for a minute, listen to your breath, be still in the moment Remember that you control your...

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Yes, me too

I get overwhelmed by all the ideas and the *things* and the to-do list that lengthens in the same manner your waistline expands simply by looking at a slice of delicious cake. And yes, I too get paralysed by this overwhelm and sit at my desk scrolling social media and...

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Reset to Success **BIRTHDAY OFFER**

4 weeks to reset you on your path to success COST : £50 because I turn 50 this month - this is a limited offer and will disappear soon Totally awesome, 4 week program to get you taking charge and taking action. No more wondering who you can ask for help, no more...

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I am not a victim

(psst, and neither are you) To be a victim implies that things are beyond your control, that you have no choice. And yes, there are circumstances when people are victims - of crime for instance, or an accident. However, and listen very carefully for I shall say this...

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Create ripples

The Ripple Effect, The Butterfly Effect, Pay it Forward - there's many names for what I believe in, for the idea of my mission in life, for the impact I want to  have on my little corner of the 'verse. [Tweet "I believe we have the power to affect change, & even...

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What reinforces your joy?

I was driving along earlier and listening to music, a song came on that reminded me of a friend which reminded me of fun times which led to me thinking of other songs which remind me of other friends and happy times. I found myself laughing out loud with sheer...

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How can I explain this to you?

How can I show you that there is more to life? More than hustle, more than pain points, more than fear and failure.Your life is what you make it, you are responsible for discovering the possibilities rather than wallowing in the problems. I am sat here in my garden, I...

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