Done is Better Than Perfect

next time you’re procrastinating over your next brave action remember done is better than perfect and get off thine bum and do something awesome. 

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Confidence is a Muscle

Confidence is a muscle, keep using it and it’ll get bigger and stronger and pretty soon you won’t remember what life was like without it

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Do You Need a Doodad?

you invest in people like mentors and coaches, not for the doodad and thingumajig, but for the tools and skills to help yourself. 

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Make Some Ripples

standing up for what’s right, for your beliefs, for yourself, for others, can make a small ripple that travels farther and farther out beyond your reach or knowledge.

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Who Will I Be?

As we go through changes, as we recover from mental illness, as we grow into ourselves one worry can be "Who will I be?" Will I still be me? As depression fades into a bad memory I often wonder what the person I am becoming will be like. Because try as I might I could...

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I am not a victim

It is all too easy to lay the blame elsewhere, to say "oh woe is me", to abscond from our responsibilities. It is a quick *fix* to see others as the reason for our bad situation. And yes, others could have perhaps behaved better, done things differently, however we...

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Trust : firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. Sometimes it's a gut feeling, you meet someone, connect with them, they give you that warm fuzzy feeling.  However, often it's a feeling that's built up over time. A slow burn which...

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Hunt with Honour

Hunt with honour. When we are searching for those clients, connecting with potential customers, we need to do so from a place of integrity and service. With the best of intentions for us and them. Know that you have a wonderful offering for them, yet understand that...

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The Past Is Gone

"The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there" L.P. Hartley Not only do they do things differently they also don't allow you to live there again, so why do we try? Why do we constantly go back again and again attempting to rent a condo there, regain...

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Why It’s Good To Give Back

In our capitalist society it seems to be all about the take, how much can you make on XYZ, what about an upsell, can you get people to spend more on things they don't *really* need ... how much can you get, how little can you give. And I'm feeling a shift. I'm feeling...

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