Balance and self care Took me a long time to realise the importance of balance, I’m still learning. I know I am a little unbalanced at the moment while I create my dream life however I also know it will change and I make sure it does not have a huge negative impact on...

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Accept Your Now

Read Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now We're often so intent on where we want to go that we forget to enjoy who and where and what we are now. I am on a journey to fitness and weightloss, it's a long road that's ahead of me and I could be despairing of my NOW because...

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Everything You Do

Everything you do - is it a burden or a joy? If it's a burden then consider whether it's simply a burden that life gives you to carry - because we cannot always expect to be in joy. Or is it something we can work at making lighter or even allow ourselves to let go....

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Are You Creating Your Own Chains?

Man is born free and everywhere is in chains - Rousseau We create our own chains, some are good however often they are totally wrong for us. There are the chains of morals and ethics which society creates and which allow us to live in our communities. And then there...

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Create inspired strategy.  We all need a plan for our lives, a way to live to the best of our abilities (and beyond), yet often we are stuck in following other people's plans, or following the 'safe' path and then having that niggling feeling that there's something...

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Passion and Truth

What is my passion? To help people smile even though they feel everything is hopeless, to show that there is a light out there somewhere and smiles are free to give and receive. Even in the darkest days of my depression making someone else smile lifted me up. It’s...

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The Road To Feeling Good

Do what makes you feel good How often do we hear that from people? But just because it feels good doesn't mean to say you *should* do it. It isn't always the easy.  Right now a big slice of chocolate cake would make me feel soooo good. But it wouldn't help my weight...

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The Only Approval You Need Is Your Own

I attended my first BodyPump class the other day, first one in around 18 months. I was dreading is but I was also dead excited to be back at the gym. As I was working through the routines and my body was remembering what needed to be done and how to position myself I...

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You Can Do This

Eighteen month, well almost. That's how long it is since I went to the gym. For two years before I was working out 4 or 5 times a week and doing really well. But then something happened and I couldn't go any more. I'm finally in a position to rejoin and boy was I...

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Why Blog?

This is a world of short attention spans and too much *noise*. We need to connect with our clients and potential clients in ways that build the ‘know, like, trust’ factor and create relationships that work for both parties. Blogging is a cheap and easy way to create...

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Frack the Guilt

OK, there's a conversation going on over on Twitter about 'guilty pleasures' and do you know what - I don't have any. You know why ... Because I don't feel guilty about any of my pleasures.  I work hard, I like to have fun, and why on earth should I feel guilty about...

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Gratitude and Attitude

For the last few years I've been on a self-development journey, however recently I've come to realise that, while development is good, understanding my self and being happy & accepting of where and who I am now is more important. We often struggle with where and...

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